Troubled Waters

So many times events occur in our lives that overwhelm us.  Sometimes I wonder how much God is going to put in the lives of my loved ones – deaths, illness, confusion, depression.  These are people I love and want to protect.  Then, I think – it’s not all about me and it’s really not all about them either.  God has a bigger plan for the people in my life.  My job is to pray for them and have faith that God will safely guide them through their journeys.  I lean heavily on the prayer of St. Francis – “God, grant me wisdom …”

This post is dedicated to those people I love.  I think this passage below must be how they are feeling.  It is another instance of the use of the word water in the Bible.

Psalm 69: 2-4 

Save me, O God,

for the waters have risen to my neck.

I have sunk into the mud of the deep

and there is no foothold.

I have entered the waters of the deep

and the waves overwhelm me.

I am wearied with all my crying,

my throat is parched.

My eyes are wasted away

from looking for my God.

And I sing this hymn in praise to God for my loved ones:

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages cleft for me,

let me hide myself in thee.

Let the water and the blood

from thy wounded side which flowed.

Be of sin the double cure,

Save from wrath and make me pure.

And finally a verse of hope:

Psalm 30:5

…Tears may flow in the night, but joy comes in the morning.

May you be blessed indeed today and every day.


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