This is Going to be BIG, REALLY BIG

Have you ever prayed for something, thought God didn’t answer your prayer and then discovered that God had answered your prayer in a way, a more blessed indeed way, than you could have ever imagined?

This is how the enlarge my territory verse of Jabez’s Prayer sometimes works.

During the 11 years that I worked at the at-risk school, there was not one doubt in my mind that my territory was being enlarged.

There were no problem-free students at the school.  The students’ problems included being pregnant or becoming a father, already being a parent, being homeless, being on probation or parole, being a victim of human trafficking and living in a rescue home, being not exactly sick but being unable to attend the main high school because, for example –  you had to wear an electric device because you had a condition that could cause YOUR HEART TO STOP BEATING AND HAVE TO BE RECHARGED.

God blessed me indeed by allowing me to experience the most rewarding job of my life.  (After I retired, I was so happy to hear my replacement say that this is not a job – it’s a calling. She got it!)

When I retired in June, 2015, I knew God could enlarge my territory because (among other enlargements) he had been doing it for 11 years.  Now, I  pictured my territory as decreasing, figuratively, from a large ranch to a small kitchen garden.  I was wrong!

It dawned on me the other day that if you are reading this Blog, God has enlarged my territory once again.  Are you reading it?

Please let me know when not if God enlarges your territory and please help me to further enlarge my territory by sharing this Blog with your territory.  Thank you!






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