I Ain’t No Saint!

This morning, I was praying deeply (I thought) for my daughter who recently had surgery. She has a doctor’s appointment this morning. I am praying diligently, from my heart, the tv is turned off, it is quiet in the house. So, what do I do in the middle of my prayer? My nose itches and I immediately stop my prayer to reach for the antihistamine – because I am bad about finishing my prayers and rushing off to do something and forgetting to take my medicine.

I am irritated when I am trying to talk to someone and that someone is simultaneously playing with his/her phone. Is that how God felt when I suddenly became distracted during my prayer and reached for the allergy pills?

I picture God, sitting in a beautiful setting, looking down on all of us. When one of us calls out, he directs his attention to us (one more reason not to use God’s name in vain). Can I not even give our precious God the minimum courtesy of keeping focused when I am asking/pleading for his help?

Please forgive me, God. Amen.

Continuing with our discussion of the word water, I am sharing with you Psalm 69 verses 14-16

This is my prayer to you,
my prayer for your favor.
In your great love, answer me, O God,
With your help that never fails:
rescue me from sinking in the mud,
save me from my foes.

Save me from the waters of the deep,
lest the waves overwhelm me.
Do not let the deep engulf me
nor death close its mouth on me.

May you be blessed indeed today and always.

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  1. Oh how I can relate I get distracted from praying. Wonder what I would have done had he been to busy to help me when we lost our Melissa. Thank you for opening my eyes.

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