Welcome to my page.

I am a Christian, mother, mother-in-love, grandmother, great-grandmother, daughter, sister and widow of a wonderful Christian man.  I was married for 51 years.

In May of 2015, I retired as the administrator of a school for at-risk teens – you will see posts about my time in this position from time to time.  It was very rewarding.  In August, 2015, my husband passed away.  There went my life – right up to Heaven.

I had to come up with a plan to survive.  To get in the “way back machine” – I was a high school dropout – I thought I knew more than the teachers.  Additionally, as a Junior in high school, I married my husband who was a Senior.  Houston ISD had a rule in 1963 against married students attending the same school.  We had only one car so I dropped out and my husband graduated.  Why did we marry so young?  Because the Vietnam War was raging and we wanted to spend time together before he was drafted.  As it turned out, he was never drafted.  But on his graduation day, his best friend received his draft notice.  Greetings from Uncle Sam.  Fortunately, his friend (and mine) made it to Vietnam and is still kicking around this old world today.

So, there I was.  I didn’t type but I had three years of French.  I was not cutout to be a housewife.  I was going crazy.  I had not yet learned to drive so each week my husband took me to the library and I checked out multiple books – on every subject imaginable.  From Archaeology to Ancient Egypt to Madagascar to New  Zealand.  I read books on History like crazy.  It was like my brain was shrinking and I had to keep filling it up.  I obtained my GED.

My husband taught me to type and over the first few years of our marriage, I worked as a secretary for the State of Texas Railroad Commission (it controls oil and gas production in the state – not trains – go figure), the Comptroller and the Attorney General’s Office.

I had three children by the time I was 27.  I left my employment with the State and took work as a secretary in Houston ISD.  My husband became a teacher and then I went to college,  I eventually became a teacher too.  But, when my children were teens, I found it difficult to be with teens all day at school and then come home to teens.  So, I returned to the legal profession, obtained my paralegal certification and became certified by the State Bar Association.  Sorry this is so long – but we’re covering many, many years here, Folks.

During this period in my life I was also writing.  I won a couple of awards from RWA chapter contests, the Julia Collier Award for Juvenile Fiction from the University of Southwestern Louisiana.  My husband and I wrote a mystery together, I had articles published in “Women’s World” magazine, “The Houston Chronicle,” and wrote a column for a weekly newspaper.

By 2000, I had worked my way up through the legal field from working in Insurance Defense Law, to International Corporate Law to Intellectual Property Law.  I was burned out with the legal profession (more on one of the reasons in a future post).  So, I returned to Education, obtaining a job at a school that was only 10 minutes from my home.  No More driving to downtown Houston – Hurrah!  I taught Business Law, Criminal Justice, Recordkeeping and Word Processing for 4 years before I was asked to serve on the Dropout Prevention Committee – because… I was a dropout.

Serving on that committee led to my being hired as the At Risk Coordinator for the New Caney ISD.  I served on the State Textbook Review Committee, wrote curriculum and other education-related materials.  I held that position for 15 years and I loved it.  I retired, thinking my husband and I would travel and enjoy our retirement but it was not God’s plan for us.

So, now I have returned to writing – historical novels and children’s books. And, of course, this blog.